AALERNHÜS Beauty-SPA – Indoor-Pool mit bequemen roten Liegen
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AALERNHÜS Beauty-SPA – Sauna-Bereich
AALERNHÜS Beauty-SPA – Behandlungsraum mit warmer Atmosphäre
AALERNHÜS Beauty-SPA – Empfang
AALERNHÜS Beauty-SPA – Indoor-Pool mit roten Liegen
AALERNHÜS Beauty-SPA – Blick in einen Behandlungsraum
AALERNHÜS Beauty-SPA – Ruhezone mit Blick in den Garten
AALERNHÜS Beauty-SPA – Behandlungsraum
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Your spa hotel in St. Peter-Ording

On an area of over 1,000 m2 you will find a spacious, modern spa where you can forget the stresses of everyday life and recharge your batteries.

During your stay you have free access to spacious pool facilities with an in- and outdoor area, comfortable recliners and a wonderful sunbathing terrace, as well as several attractive saunas such as a Finnish sauna, a herbal sauna and a steam bath.

The following swimming hours apply for our younger guests:
0-12 years: 07.00 h till 18.00 h
from 13 years: 07.00 o’clock until 21.00 o’clock

From April to October, you can swim a few laps in the outdoor pool under the starry sky.
Our indoor pool and whirlpool offer pleasantly warm temperatures for swimming and relaxing all year round.

In our Beauty SPA we offer a range of treatments, beneficial cleaning rituals and relaxing or energising massages.

We use only products which are produced sustainably and without the use of parabens, PEGs, silicons, paraffins and artificial scents.

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – Hot Stone-Ganzmassage „THERMALANCE”

THERMALANCE hot-stone full-body massage

The vitalising hot-stone massage has a number of positive effects on the vegetative nervous system – on the one hand creating calm and balance, on the other stimulating and energising. The use of hot and cold stones enables harmonisation, reduces tension and creates additional thermal and tactile impulses during the treatment. The benefits are in-depth relaxation of the musculature, the circulation of the capillaries, acceleration of the metabolism and support for lymph drainage.

€ 88 (approx. 60 min) |  112 (approx. 80 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – Anti-Age-Massage „SOMALANCE”

SOMALANCE anti-ageing massage

This skin-tightening, anti-ageing massage with handcrafted massage sticks and a fully natural, wrinkle-reducing active ingredient complex made of paracress, cranberry and cocoa husk extracts has an immediate effect for all-round beautiful radiance. Tactile and mechanical stimuli in combination with flowing massage movements relax tensions and activate your body’s metabolic rate. The result is a feeling of physical lightness and a visibly tighter and more supple skin.

€ 88 (approx. 60 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – Anti-Cellulit-Massage

Anti-cellulite massage

Effective modeling massage to combat cellulite. The optimized interaction of massage and active ingredients stimulates and relieves the tissue, activates metabolism and improves skin elasticity

€ 79 (approx. 60 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – Klassische Ganzmassage

Classical full-body massage

The musculature receives an intensive massage from head to toe. The massage is implemented in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

€ 76 (approx. 60 min) | 94 (approx. 75 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – Feinschliff-Körpermassage „Detox”


Effective fine-grained body massage with biological sea salt crystals, detoxifying algae bath in the luxury tub and vitalizing whole massage with thalasso oil promotes blood circulation and stimulates lymph flow. The result: new energy for body and soul and fresh revitalized skin.

€ 159 (approx. 120 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – „Neue Zartheit – Cleopatra-Feinschliffmassage”

New softness – Cleopatra final-touch massage

A gentle, moisturising and wonderfully scented final-touch massage for especially stressed skin, creating soft suppleness and elasticity with a tighter and more velvety skin.

€ 42 (approx. 30 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – Gesichtsbehandlung „Männerzeit – Kopf und Körper”

Men’s time – head and body

Quickly relaxed and cared for – 1 x high-performance facial treatment for the special needs of men’s skin, brings skin metabolism back into balance – 1 x classic full massage for muscle relaxation.

€ 130 (approx. 100 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – Dr. Hauschka Behandlung „Eine Stunde Zeit für mich”

Dr. Hauschka treatment “An hour of me-time”

The facial treatment adapted individually to your requirements for all those who are highly discriminating and have little time.

€ 84 (approx. 60 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – „Haut-Balance

Dr. Hauschka Cleaning Treatment

An intensive deep cleansing with the natural Dr. Hauschka cosmetics clarifies and refines the skin. For a radiant complexion.

€ 84 (approx. 60 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – sanfte „Anti-Stress

Dr. Hauschka Revitalization Treatment

Sometimes your skin feels just as tired as you. The revitalization treatment is the muse maker for tired skin. Particularly recommended in conversion phases such as seasonal changes.

€ 84 (approx. 60 min)

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa – ganzheitliches Handritual „Schöne Hände wie Samt”

Beautiful hands like velvet – holistic hand ritual

All-round care for hands and nails with exfoliation, nail care, hand wrap and extensive massage. Dry and brittle skin is immediately visibly improved. High-quality biological extracts slow down the signs of aging and leave an intensive care.

€ 84 (approx. 60 min)
€ 95 (approx. 70 min) with varnish

AALERNHÜS hotel & spa | Ganzheitliches Fußritual „Schöne Füße wie Seide”

Beautiful feet like silk

Holistic foot ritual for a feeling like barefoot walking on sand from North Sea
With peeling, foot bath, nail care, corneal removal, pack and massage. Organic extracts make the skin soft and supple, nourish intensively and have a calming and antibacterial effect.

€ 84 (approx. 60 min)
€ 94 (approx. 70 min) with varnish

Why not book one of our wellness packages? We’ll be happy to advise you! Tel.: 04863 701 200, email: info@aalernhues.de

Yoga – feeling good within myself

Enjoy the freshness of the morning in our garden. Start on the path towards discovering yourself. A healthy breakfast for the perfect start to the day. Strengthening yoga in the morning. A meditative walk in the woods or to the sea. Yoga for more courage and strength. Dinner as part of the whole. Evening meditation.

Together with Nikola Küsters we have created a special yoga path on 4 selected weekends which will lead you, well looked after and supported throughout the day, to inner peace and strength.
Meditation. Trust. Letting go. Self-discovery. Breathing. Self-discipline. Surrender. Compassion. Humility. Generosity. Patience. Concentration. Clarity. Acceptance.

Look forward to a really great weekend together with Nikola Küsters!
Please note the maximum number of participants and our Yoga programme.

Base fasting

Base fasting is the easiest and most beautiful way to recharge your health, feel vital again and lose a few kilos on the side. It supports the self-cleansing of body and mind and facilitates the shedof ballast.

Healthy nutrition is the passion of our Head Chef, Patrick Weber. Every day he creates delicious base-rich menus with maximum taste for you. In the morning you can enjoy ripe fresh fruit according to the seasons or fruit salad, nuts, seeds or ground almond flakes. At lunchtime a delicious soup and salad, as well as a basic evening menu.

Effective detox treatments in our spa support the deacidification and detoxification processes of the body. Relax with soothing treatments in combination with certified natural cosmetics, pure and pure.

And all this in breathtaking scenery that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Breathe freely with the salty North Sea air so that you can feel light and vital again.

Feel welcome in our hotel, a 5*boutique hotel. Each of our stars stands for tangible and tangible quality. Enjoy an atmosphere where you feel at home, in which you can switch off and feel at home from the first minute, at home in the Aalernhüs.

Aquafitness- und Wassergymnastik-Kurse im AALERNHÜS hotel & spa


We offer rental bikes directly at the hotel, which you can use to explore the surrounding area. If the weather doesn’t really cooperate, you have the possibility to use the cardio equipment in the fitness room. In addition, some of the running routes of the North Sea Fitness Park start right outside the front door. You can find more activities under the category St. Peter-Ording.


Give the gift of joy – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and public holidays: there is no shortage of occasions, but expectations are rising and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right gift ideas. What about an overnight stay, a massage or an excellent steak in the AALERNHÜS GRILL? We’ll be happy to help you find a suitable gift for your special occasion.

If you wish to purchase a voucher or have a question on the subject, please contact us by telephone on 04863-70 10 or by email at info@aalernhues.de.