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The Best Trips Around St. Peter-Ording


There is a lot to discover at the North Sea and around St. Peter-Ording in every season. In 2009, the Wadden Sea was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This makes a guided mudflat walk an absolute must on your North Sea holiday. Experience the beautiful nature and surroundings around the AALERNHÜS hotel & spa - we have compiled the best tips and events for you.

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Multimar Wattforum


The Multimar Wattforum in Tönning is part of the National Park Centre and provides information about the Wadden Sea and the largest inhabitants of our planet - whales. The many aquariums provide a fascinating insight into the world of the sea, while the experimental tanks allow you to experience nature up close. Informative, educational and exciting for all ages.

Westküstenpark 2 c Isgaard Marke Westküstenpark Robbarium St Peter Ording



The Westküstenpark (West Coast Park) is a truly special experience - especially for families: 800 animals from all over the world to meet and admire. The highlight of the Westküstenpark is the world's largest seal enclosure filled with North Sea water, with daily demonstrations and feeding. The stork breeding centre is also well worth a visit and will delight visitors of all ages.

Impresssionen 2

North Sea Bernsteinmuseum


At the Bernsteinmuseum (amber museum) you can learn almost everything about the popular stone from the Harz Mountains and where it can be found on the North Sea coast. The main attraction is the inclusions cabinet, which displays 45 to 50 million year old insect inclusions. During the school holidays there are also lapidary courses for children, where they can make their own piece of jewellery from an inconspicuous rough stone.

TZ SPO DT Sauna Aussen 0643

“Dünentherme” – Thermal Baths


A wonderful bathing experience not only on cold days: the pools at the Dünentherme are filled with salt water from the North Sea, water slides invite you to play and you can feel the soothing North Sea air in the outdoor pool. Take a few laps in the wave pool or unwind in the relaxing saunas and relaxation areas.

C TZ SPO Surfschule

Water Sports Centre X-H2.0


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of water sports. The 400 metre wide watersports corridor makes it easy and safe to enter the North Sea. Courses range from beginner to advanced, private tuition and children's courses. Windsurfing, kitesurfing or stand-up paddle boarding? The choice is yours.

Aalernhues Juni23 9371

Westerhever Lighthouse


Westerhever Lighthouse is well known from TV commercials and is one of the most popular destinations for cyclists. The lighthouse can only be reached by bike or on foot and is about 1,000 metres from the outer dike and surrounded by the National Park. From the top you have a phenomenal view over Eiderstedt and the island.

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Discover the Town of Husum


Another nearby destination is the town of Husum, literally dubbed "the grey town by the sea" by its famous resident Theodor Storm in his poem "The Town". Here you can experience the perfect combination of city life, culture and shopping. For connoisseurs of Nordic cuisine, there are the Husum Crab Days.



In addition to the many experiences you can book and visit on a regular basis, there are also many temporary events in St. Peter-Ording, such as the Against the Wind Marathon or the Beach Volleyball and Kite Surfing World Championships. For an up-to-date list of events, check out the St. Peter-Ording events calendar.

Golfing in St. Peter-Ording

Peter drew Sz SN Fs D3w OI unsplash 1

Nordsee Golfclub St. Peter Ording


Golf directly at the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea. We recommend the 9-hole golf course at the Nordsee-Golfclub St. Peter-Ording. Reduced green fee vouchers are available at reception.

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Golfclub at Donner Kleve St. Michaelisdon


The 18-hole golf course at Donner Kleve is one of the most beautiful and popular in the region due to its high standards of maintenance and quality.

Green fee vouchers with a 20% discount are available at reception.

Robert ruggiero bu Gd Vv Tx J38 unsplash 1

Golfclub Open Country


As you drive past Open Country Golf Club, you will notice a large sign with the club's philosophy: "Golf for everyone". Here in Tating, everyone really does have the opportunity to play golf.

Highlights From Our Partners

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Wadden Sea Protection Station


Together with the Wadden Sea Protection Station we organise exclusive events as part of the package "Experience the Wadden Sea up close". Located in St. Peter-Ording, the station looks after the mudflats, salt marshes and dunes, caring for their inhabitants and making an important contribution to the preservation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Exclusive Coastal Art


Looking for that special piece of art? Küstenkunst, based in St. Peter-Ording, creates bespoke art by hand from driftwood and other North Frisian materials. When we were furnishing our hotel, we found many accessories at Küstenkunst - perhaps you will find a unique piece to take home as a holiday souvenir?

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Kite Buggy and the sea


Sun, sand and endless space. A kite buggy glides silently across the idyllic landscape, powered only by the natural force of the wind. We offer everyone the opportunity to learn to ride a kite buggy under expert tuition, or simply to try it out for a few hours of fun. An action-packed holiday experience with a difference.

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Gallery Strandeins


For lasting impressions of the region around Sankt Peter Ording, a visit to the Strandeins Gallery is always worthwhile. Whether as a souvenir to take home or as a gift, the beautiful pictures capture the unique North Sea atmosphere in an artistic way and let you take this feeling home with you. A clear recommendation!


What to Look Forward to


In addition to the many experiences you can discover around the AALERNHÜS hotel & spa, we also offer a wide range of courses and relaxation options right in our hotel: