Courses at the Hotel by the North Sea

Our Yoga Retreats by the North Sea


Increased flexibility, physical strengthening, mental relaxation. There are many good reasons for a yoga retreat at our hotel on the North Sea. But most importantly, it is the ideal complement to ensure you are completely rejuvenated and strengthened after your vacation.

In our yoga sessions, we mobilize, learn static body postures, and flow through dynamic sequences. We activate ourselves for the day and regenerate for the night. This is supported by invigorating breathing techniques during the day and calming, cooling techniques to leave behind the everyday stresses in the evening. On your own mat, we practice mindfulness and serenity. We experience YOGA as a holistic concept, from which we can draw whatever is individually needed at the moment.

In the warmer months, we take advantage of the beautiful and expansive garden area to unwind and practice yoga in nature.

For more information about our yoga instructor, Ms. Daniela Lafrentz, please visit


Hatha Yoga

A classical yoga practice

Static and dynamically flowing elements serve to enhance flexibility, strength, and tranquility of the mind and body.

Gentle Yoga

A relaxing yoga session

Gentle stretching and mobilization support a flexible start to the day or a calming end to the evening.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a gentle and passive form of yoga.

The longer holds in relaxed positions allow for the release of tension on a fascial level as well as mentally.

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation

This yoga session focuses on mastering the postures of the classic Sun Salutation and integrates everything into a cohesive whole. The goal is to gain understanding of the postures and practice the Sun Salutation sequence cleanly and effectively.

FeetUp® Yoga

The FeetUp® is a special yoga prop that supports the yoga practice and enables various asanas, including the headstand. It relieves strain on the neck and spine and offers a new perspective for the practice.

Further Classes

Relaxation & Sound

A fusion of Asian and Western relaxation techniques. Guided meditation & breathwork combined with sounds.

A little journey to oneself.

Qi Gong

The Chinese form of relaxation, Qi Gong, offers a unique way to slow down with slow movements while maintaining focus on movement and muscle engagement. Qi Gong is practiced standing.

NORDIC Walking at the beach / approx. 2 hours

Nordic Walking along the waterfront makes this endurance training a truly special experience in Sankt Peter Ording. In the workshop, you will learn or improve your technique to fully benefit from all the positive aspects of Nordic Walking.


Thai Yoga Feel-good evening – Workshop

Learn gentle pressure and stretching techniques from Thai Yoga in comfortable sportswear, and discover a special form of massage to take home with you.

A treat for body and soul. A pleasant relief for the back.

For couples, friends, family - together on a comfortable floor mat.

Your Participation in the Yoga Retreat


In order to guarantee your participation in our yoga classes and relaxation sessions, we ask you to register for your yoga retreat at the North Sea no later than the evening before. You can do this in person at our reception or by telephone on +49 4863 701 200 or e-mail:

*ALL units for absolute beginners and experienced participants.

If you have any physical limitations, illnesses or are pregnant, please contact us in advance.


What Else to Discover


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