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Grains of sand on your skin, the taste of salt on your lips and a good feeling from head to toe. The healthy sea air, the endless views over the sea and the charming natural surroundings, including the dunes and salt marshes, ensure pure relaxation on your North Sea holiday. If you want to immerse yourself even more in the elements of the Eiderstedt peninsula, enjoy a personalised wellness experience at the AALERNHÜS Spa:

 Discover soothing rituals and massages in St. Peter-Ording and experience moments of deep relaxation and intensive pampering. Our trained spa therapists offer an extensive range of treatments and cosmetics, all tailored to your personal needs. We use only the highest quality natural oil products, such as Dr Hauschka.

Classic Massages

Aromatic Oil Massage From € 54,00

Harmony for body, mind & soul with PINO's high quality oils that soothe the soul and nourish the skin. Choose your favourite scent.

€ 54 approx. 30 minutes (back) | € 89 approx. 60 minutes

Foot Reflexology Massage From € 54,00

A wellness massage using the reflex zones of the soles of the feet. Tensions can be relieved and circulation stimulated. Treat your feet to a relaxing break after a short footbath.

€ 54 approx. 30 minutes

Hot Stone Full Body Massage From € 75,00

The use of warm stones and expert massage harmonises and releases tension. Muscles are deeply relaxed, blood circulation is stimulated and metabolism is accelerated. The warmth enhances the relaxing effect.

€ 75 approx. 45 minutes (back)

Therapeutic Massages

Honey Massage With Real Bee Honey From € 75,00

Vitalising and soothing techniques are combined. The use of honey-ginger oil and the warm honey wrap on the back ensure pleasant relaxation, while the massage elements stimulate the blood circulation and can relieve tension.

€99 approx. 60 minutes full body

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage From € 130,00

The queen of massages. Lomi Lomi Nui is a traditional full body massage of Hawaiian origin that brings body, mind and spirit into harmony. The use of warm oils promotes a deep sense of relaxation.

€130 approx. 90 minutes

Abhyanga Massage From € 130,00

Long strokes over the skin and muscles, circular touches on the joints and massage of individual energy points make this massage a soothing experience. On the one hand, it is designed to physically relax and loosen the body like a classic massage. At the same time, it also has a positive effect on your mental wellbeing.

€ 130 approx. 90 minutes

Thai Shiatsu Massage From € 99,00

Experience the fusion of Far Eastern acupressure with modern massage elements. Slow pressure and pulling techniques help you to relax deeply, mobilise your joints and loosen your muscles. The treatment takes place on a Shiatsu mat in comfortable clothing.

€ 99 approx. 60 minutes

Comfortable Massage in a Side Position From € 99,00

Enjoy a massage in this relaxed position. It is also particularly suitable for pregnant women from the 4th month of pregnancy until childbirth. Classic massage techniques, gentle stretching and stroking make the massage a holistic experience for you.

€ 99 approx. 60 minutes

Cosmetic Lymph Drainage From € 54,00

Freshen up your face and body. Gentle massage techniques help you relax, boost your immune system and metabolism, and nourish your skin.

€ 54 approx. 30 minutes face | € 89 approx. 60 minutes body

Treasures of the Sea

Oceanwell-Thalasso Massage From € 89,00

This deeply effective massage combines classic massage techniques with the activation of energy points. This allows blockages to be released and energy to flow again. The use of Thalasso oil relaxes and refreshes the whole body.

€ 89 approx. 60 minutes

North Sea - simply beautiful From € 119,00

A combination of salt-almond oil scrub and a nurturing mud or cream pack.

€ 119 approx. 90 minutes

North Sea Detox From € 139,00

The salt-algae scrub provides silky-smooth skin, and the subsequent Oceanwell thalasso full-body massage completes this wonderful treatment.

€ 139 approx. 90 minutes

Rituals, Baths & Wraps

Body Wraps From € 69,00

The mud or cream wrap nourishes your body and provides ample moisture.

€ 69 approx. 60 minutes 

Peeling Massage From € 99,00

Indulge in a revitalizing, deep-cleansing body scrub. Old skin cells are removed, leaving you feeling fresh, clear, and renewed. The cleansing ritual includes a scrub with sea salt, algae, or whey followed by an almond oil bath.

€ 99 approx. 60 minutes

Oriental Cleansing and Conditioning Ritual From € 135,00

The steam bath treatment begins with a sea salt and oil peeling. A relaxing aromatic oil massage with PINO nourishing oil completes the ritual.

1 pers: € 135 approx. 90 minutes | 2 pers: €219 approx. 150 minutes

Bath Ritual - Bathtub Bliss From € 39,00

Bathtubs have a soothing effect on the body, mind, and soul. According to your preferences, your bath will be enriched with valuable oils and fragrant additives. Choose between calming, invigorating, skin-nourishing, or detoxifying options.

1 pers: € 39 approx. 30 minutes | Couples sessions are not available.

Natural Beauty Treatments

Basic – Arrival From € 89,00

Gentle cleansing and exfoliation of your skin followed by a 20-minute facial massage will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. A final day care treatment is included.

€ 89 approx. 60 minutes

Premium – A Deep Breath From € 125,00

This facial begins with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation of your skin. This is followed by a skin analysis with appropriate cleansing, eyebrow correction and a final mask. A 30-minute facial massage is included. A special moment of pampering with a final day cream treatment.

€ 125 approx. 90 minutes

Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment From € 165,00

Treat yourself to a short break of a special kind: a relaxing foot bath, arm and leg strokes and fragrant compresses allow you to take a deep breath and are the ideal preparation for the subsequent facial cleansing and care with natural Dr. Hauschka skin care products, including eyebrow shaping. Cleansing and caring masks and intensive treatment with ampoules revitalise and regenerate your skin. The core of this classic treatment is the lymphatic stimulation with fine brushes, which drains, purifies and strengthens the immune system.

€ 165 approx. 120 minutes

Pure Facial Massage From € 54,00

Your face is nourished and gently pampered with precious ingredients from the Dr. Hauschka skincare range, tailored to your skin type.

€ 54 for approx. 30 minutes | € 89 for approx. 60 minutes

Men's Time - Face From € 89,00

Smooth, radiant skin and a fresh appearance. A moisturising and revitalising treatment, rich in active ingredients, for renewed energy and a fresh appearance. Tackles typical male skin problems such as lack of moisture, shine and the stress of daily shaving.

€ 89 approx. 60 minutes | € 125 approx. 90 minutes

Extras in Combination With a Facial From € 10,00

Eyebrow shaping: € 15

Eyebrow tinting: € 20

Eyelash tinting: € 25

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting: € 42

Lacquer: € 15

Depilation: upper lip € 10 | full face € 20

Manicure and Pedicure

Cosmetic Foot Treatment From € 55,00

Invigorating foot bath, nail shaping, nail care, callus removal, application of care product.

€ 55 approx. 40 minutes | with nail polish € 70 approx. 55 minutes

Beautiful Feet as Soft as Silk From € 84,00

Holistic foot ritual for the feeling of walking barefoot on North Sea sand. Includes exfoliation, footbath, nail care, callus removal, wrap and massage. Organic extracts make the skin soft and supple, provide intensive nourishment and have a calming and antibacterial effect.

€ 84 approx. 60 minutes | with nail polish € 99 approx. 75 minutes

Cosmetic Hand Care From € 55,00

Invigorating hand bath, nail shaping, nail care, manicure.

€ 55 approx. 40 minutes | with nail polish € 70 approx. 55 minutes

Hands as Soft as Velvet From € 84,00

A complete hand and nail treatment including exfoliation, nail care, hand pack and massage. Dry and rough skin is immediately visibly improved. High quality organic extracts provide intensive nourishment.

€ 84 approx. 60 minutes | with nail polish € 99 approx. 75 minutes

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If you have any questions about our extensive range of massages and beauty treatments, or would like to book a treatment, please call us on 04863 7010 or email us at info@aalernhues.de.

Have you already booked a treatment with us? Then we look forward to seeing you in your bathrobe or comfortable clothing five minutes before your appointment. You can cancel your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before your treatment. Please understand that we will have to charge the full treatment price for any later cancellations or no-shows.

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